Community Initiatives

Composting at Burnley Backyard

We have a number of recycling initiatives at Burnley Backyard. In RCGG’s Rental Plot area, members can access:
• A traditional wooden 3-bin open composting system set up to convert our green waste from garden beds into compost returned to the beds
• A worm farm where members bring their kitchen scraps to feed the worms and produce worm wee and worm castings used on site
• A supply of coffee grounds thanks to Reground

Compost bins and worm farms can be purchased through City of Yarra < >

Workshops on gardening, harvesting and preparing food

From time to time we hold events around the topics of sustainable urban gardening and food harvesting practices. These are typically open to the public. Search on “Richmond Community Garden Group’ at Eventbrite for any coming events.

Other useful information about gardening & harvesting in Richmond
• About Growing Food in Yarra < >
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• Food Know How program tips to reduce food waste, save money, save resources and energy and positively impact the environment and local community